Olive groves – Olive oil

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Olive groves – Olive oil

The olive groves located in the municipality of Ancient Olympia is in a mountainous area on the right side of the river Alpheus and variety Koroneiko , Kolyreiko and Ladolia.

Extra virgin olive oil “OLYMPICTREE” – ” OLYMPIA “ is glowing with a light yellow colour  it has a thick soft texture, fruity, clean smell and gives the impression that intense natural juice is very good quality fresh, naturally ripened olives, unique flavor and low acid.

An excellent product for a healthy Mediterranean diet which is the result of the local nature, the soil, the variety and the people that love it.

The olive groves located in the municipality of Pyrgos, are on the slopes of the hill Skafidia, a seaside village on the shores of the Ionian Sea and is 100 % the variety of KORONEIKI .

Extra virgin olive oil “KORONEIKI” from the area of Skafidia is a product of excellent quality, eminently variety “KORONEIKI”, with a unique taste, great smell, very low acids  ( max.0,3 ) and rare nutrients .

It is produced with the minimum time lag, between the olive harvest and oil production.